One Pan Meal – Chicken, Green Beans, Potatoes

A recipe with no picture??  This has got to be broken rule #1.  (But literally, the title is self-explanatory).

There’s a few versions of this floating around Pinterest (yes, where I get about 90% of my recipes).  I wish I had found this when we lived in an apartment with no dishwasher.  One dish for a whole meal??  Yes, please!  But this is not a recipe for those who think foods should not touch each other.  😉

One Dish Chicken Meal:

2-3 bonless, skinless chicken breasts (quartered)

4-6 red potatoes, quartered

a couple handfuls of fresh green beans, ends cut off

seasonings of your choice 

It’s as simple as the title.  In a 9×13 pan, pile next to each other: green beans, chicken breasts, and potatoes (I quartered the chicken and potatoes), and throw on seasonings. I used butter, some olive oil, fresh rosemary, and a little italian seasoning for the chicken and potatoes.  Also added lemon zest to the chicken.  Green beans just used some butter, S&P.  

Cover and throw in the oven at 350 degrees.  I took mine out at 45 minutes and my chicken was a bit dry.  So keep an eye on it.

It was easy, and had minimal clean-up.  Sometimes that is all I’m looking for in a meal, like last night when I was super pressed for time and exhausted.  But it’s kind of lack-luster, wouldn’t make it for company.  The potatoes were great (my husband was raving), the chicken was dry, and my green beans were wrinkly.  These problems were probably my fault – forgetting to cover the dish until halfway through, and cooking it too long.  I will definitely make it again on a lazy night (and if I do I’ll take photos).  


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